About me

Hello there, I’m Helene Maj! I’m born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. I love spending time seeking into nutrition-packed recipes and good-for-you food. Personally my favourite ingredients at the moment are ginger root, tahini and cinnamon, which I’m pretty sure you’ll see in most of my recipes.


Why not a blog?

Personally I like to consider this site as a website, rather than a blog. What I like doing are things like; cooking, shooting pictures, editing, writing about food and ingredients. That’s where I put all my energy when I’m doing stuff for this website. I feel that there are a lot of great and talented bloggers out there, sharing their everyday life and personal stuff, but that’s obviously not the person I am, so that’s the reason I like to consider this site as a website, rather than a blog.

What you’ll find here

I’ve tried basically every vegan diet during the past three years. Although I have lately figured something out something new → it makes much more sense to me to eat what my body nourishes, rather than staying strict on a certain diet. In that way there’s no bad consciousness about eating that piece of dark chocolate before bedtime or eating oily take away food for the third time in a  week. It’s not like there’s anything bad about following certain diets, but that’s just not for me.

You’ll find everything from healthy juice recipes, to chocolate banana bread, nourishing salads and a lot more. To nourish mind and body throughout the entire week.

Good Readings


  • Angela is the woman behind Oh She Glows and she shows how glorifying and delicious plant-powered living is. You’ll find The Oh She Glows Cookbook and Oh Shw Glows Everyday on her website.
  • Laura from The First Mess is the real master in class just making everything her own and always developing the most innovative meals. You’ll find The First Mess Cookbook on her website.
  • Dana and John from Minimalist baker are more than a power couple! They make so many inspirational recipes and I’ve learned a lot from them when I first got into plant-based living. You’ll find Everyday Cooking on their website.
  • Thug Kitchen is not only a lot of fun, but also full healthy and f*ucking delicious recipes. You’ll find all three books (101 Fast as FuckParty Grub and The Official Cookbook) on their website.


Personal development

  • Gala Darling is the author behind the Radical Self Love. It was the first book I read when I started getting into the whole personal development thing and she totally caught me! I’ve been hooked ever since. Through the book you’ll learn how to embrace self-love and letting go of the things that is no longer serving your soul.
  • Melissa Ambrosini is the powerful woman behind Mastering your mean Girl. The book has become sort of like a bible to me and that’s simply because she truly inspires me to embrace self love and my passion.
  • Louise Hay is a woman of so much knowledge. She has sold over 50 million copies (that’s a fact that says more than 1000 words, if you ask me). I was completely mind-blown by one of her best-sellers called You Can Heal Your Life .


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